10 Things to Consider When Camping With the Whole Family

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An activity Australians and people worldwide love is camping. It can be enjoyed as solo outings or shared with family members. It’s remarkable spending time in the wilderness to experience nature with your loved ones.


Like any activity, every camping trip requires necessities.  Consider these 10 things when camping with your family:


1. Insect Repellant


No camping trip is complete without insect repellent. This  should be effective against:


  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Leeches, etc.


Go for a reliable, long-lasting, water-resistant product and one that contains at least 40% DEET, such as Bushman.


2. Sunscreen


Bring a good sunscreen when hiking on mountains and trails to protect against the sun’s harmful rays.  Choose a product that has these:


  • At least SPF 30+.
  • Provides both UVA and UVB protection, like Sun Zapper.


3. Freeze Dried Food


In the 21st century, campers can benefit from advances in food preservation.  One of these advances is freeze dried food.  In an airtight container, similar to Back Country Cuisine, this offers:


  • Healthy, preservative-free food.
  • Nourishing food for your family.


Store them conveniently in your backpacks or sacks.



4. Emergency Kit


No family wants an emergency while camping. Pack an emergency kit such as Equip or Bob Cooper, to help with unfortunate ailments. These are:


  • Blisters
  • Burns
  • Snake bites


5. Survival Kit


In your hiking gear, a survival kit is just as important as an emergency kit. You can include several products like:


  • Emergency blankets such as 360, can be life savers if you and your family are hiking in cold weather areas.
  • A sewing kit from McNett and a personal kit for hiking may come in handy.


6. Travel Towel


Most campers swim when they hike near bodies of water. A regular towel retains moisture and heavier to carry when wet.  However, a travel towel such as DryLite is:


  • Quick drying
  • Compact
  • Perfect for hikers and campers



7. Head Torch


For night hiking, a head torch like Black Diamond, allows you and your family members to strap lighting comfortably around your heads.  The best varieties include these features:


  • Close-up and distance visibility
  • Dimming controls
  • Red night vision capability


8. Water Purification


An alternative to carrying water bottles on your hiking trip is to purify the water you find.  A fine way is through a quality portable purification system, similar to Katadyn.



9. Thermal Wear


Some of the best hiking experiences occur in colder climates or hiking the snowy alpine trails.  Thermal wear such as Manzella, is a must for the cold-weather hiker.  Quality thermal gloves are:


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable, yet keep your hands warm in cold conditions.


10. Sacks


Backpacks are the traditional way to carry gear, but sacks like a compression sack by Sea to Summit, is the modern way to go.  These sacks allow you to:


  • Pack lots of gear.
  • Keep them dry.


Camping with the entire family is a fun adventure for lasting memories.  Choose some or all of the items above for your most organized and enjoyable camping experience.