4 Ways to Get Lost While Staying Safe

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By Lee Flynn

Some vacations are planned down to the minute, and these can be action-packed and thrilling. However, there are times when you need to get away from it all, and this includes getting away from a schedule or a clock. Getting lost while far from home can sound ideal for those who need a complete escape for a few days or weeks, but you also want to stay safe while you are traveling. These tips can help you to accomplish your vacation goals so that you can enjoy a fabulous experience.

Choose a Safe Destination

A smart idea is to set up a perimeter that you can get lost in. For example, you may research a safe city to travel to, and you may venture throughout that city freely without passing into another town that is unfamiliar to you. You can choose a safe destination by reading reviews online. It is also helpful to check the Internet for travel warnings that have been issued for areas on your itinerary. If you want a truly free experience, look for a tropical island to get lost on. When you choose a safe island, you can freely roam the entire land mass without a care or concern.

Do Not Make Yourself a Target

Even in the safest locations, crimes can and do happen. In many cases, they involve targets that are easy to pick out in a crowd for various reasons. For example, if you are flashing money around and wearing expensive jewellery in a relatively poor area of the world, there is a good chance that others will take notice and may try to take your valuables from you. A smart idea is to try to blend in with the crowd as much as possible. If you have a bag that you carelessly toss over your shoulder that is easy to snatch and run away with, there is a chance that this could happen. If you are out late at night partying and have decided to walk down dark alleys in a drunken state, you may be targeted for a crime. Understand what behaviours could make you a target while traveling, and avoid those behaviours.

Ask Friends for Advice

Many people who you know and love may have already spent time in the destinations where you intend to get lost in. They can provide you with helpful travel tips that are customized for your specific experience. For example, they may have stayed in the same hotel you are thinking about staying in. You can use social media to more easily inquire about different travel experiences others you know have had. You can also refer to travel reviewers and bloggers online for more information about what to expect and how to plan for a safe experience.

Pack the Right Safety Gear

Another important step to take to stay safe while getting lost on your trip is to pack with safety in mind. Choose bags that can easily be carried on your body, such as a satchel rather than a handbag that you hold. Pack a spare atomizer for your vape pen if you’re planning on being gone long. Keep your passport and other information in hand, and avoid traveling with too much cash. If you need to travel with cash, keep in spread out in different areas of your bags and pockets so that you never lose it all at once. Keep your jewellery at home, and pack inconspicuous clothing that may help you to blend in well with the locals.

Getting lost on vacation should not require significant planning, but you do not want to travel without taking these important safety steps. Each of these steps can keep you safer in a beneficial way, and you should plan to use them all if you want to avoid injury and other issues while traveling far from home.