Angling the right way

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by Sean Murphy

Australia’s marine wildlife is a varied and interesting playground for not only commercial fishing, but also recreational anglers. The fish that swim freely in our waters have drawn the attention of local fishermen as well as those who travel internationally to sample our produce.

And like all things, there needs to be regulations and guidelines. Each state and territory has their own stipulations on what is considered a legal catch, and what isn’t. It is vital for every person interested in going out for that great catch to know exactly where they stand with the law and ensure they don’t get on the wrong side of it.

From bag size (how many fish per catch) to fish measurements, the state and territory governments have published extensive information that is accessible on their relevant websites. In all cases they are clearly broken down from freshwater to saltwater, even down to the different species and the exact measurements.

Below are links to the relevant guidelines to each Australian state regarding what is considered a legal catch. Adventure Survival Gear encourages every recreational angler to spend the time to research what is acceptable and what is not.

Responsible fishing ensures protection of our marine wildlife and assists in conservation.


This is why Adventure Survival Gear currently stocks Swivel’s Original Fish Measures, tailored to certain states requirements. At only $12.95, it’s a worthwhile investment that could keep you on the right side of the law. When going for your next catch, don’t get caught out.

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