Extreme Cold and the Human Body

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by Sean Murphy The human body is not designed for extreme cold which is why humanity has inhabited parts of the world with warmer climates what rarely go below zero. Despite some areas of the world being inhabited thanks to communities adapting to their climate, we generally avoid cold conditions. If you’ve experienced sub zero temperatures that go beyond minus zero, for example -20C degrees you would know how debilitating this could be and the effects on the human body. So cold you can feel your muscles seize up and even simple acts like talking or moving your arms feel …

4 Ways to Get Lost While Staying Safe

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By Lee Flynn Some vacations are planned down to the minute, and these can be action-packed and thrilling. However, there are times when you need to get away from it all, and this includes getting away from a schedule or a clock. Getting lost while far from home can sound ideal for those who need a complete escape for a few days or weeks, but you also want to stay safe while you are traveling. These tips can help you to accomplish your vacation goals so that you can enjoy a fabulous experience. Choose a Safe Destination A smart idea …

Change your routine for a better camping experience.

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Make a Few Slight Changes to your Camping Routine and have a Blast by Lee Flynn Camping is the ultimate adventure with nature. With the quiet of the country and the bright constellation of evening stars, stress falls away quickly and the whole world seems different. However, with each new trip comes a sameness to the routine. Try a few new challenges to keep the atmosphere giddy and full of surprises. Besides being fun, you can learn a lot about what nature has to offer. The wild has its own set of rules and changing your normal routine to coincide …

Five Things To Do When Preparing for a Natural Disaster

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By Lee Flynn Natural disasters occur infrequently enough that we tend to neglect preparation for them. However, when they occur, they create great tragedies for the majority who are not prepared. Being prepared requires education and time spent buying supplies carefully at the store. 1. Understand Your Local Area’s Natural Disaster Types Many areas, such as the Midwestern United States, are known for a certain type of natural disaster, such as tornadoes. Tornado preparation is different than preparing for a hurricane. A tornado is smaller, and more likely to cause heavy damage within its small path. A tornado’s wind speeds …

8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health

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Our friends at Positive Health Wellness have written an incredible article about the connection between travel and well-being. It’s a no-brainer that travel broadens the mind, but the overall benefits of travel and how it enriches your life is something we all need to embrace. Full article here: 8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health

Storm Season – Are you ready for it?

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by Sean Murphy We are blessed to have this climate and the opportunity it brings to those with adventurous hearts and the need to explore and discover. For some of us in certain parts of Australia, summer can be a bit more than just a soar in temperatures.   With all the good that summer brings to our lives, there’s a price you have to pay and mother nature makes sure you know about it, loudly and clearly. First up you have the constant heat that never seems to ease, the oppressive humidity, the influx of insects (most of which are good, but …

The Top 5 Walks & Treks Across Australia

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by Sean Murphy The best thing about living in Australia is that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to some of the most amazing treks in the world.  Lots of hyperbole there, but I’m sure you all know what I mean.  We have the weather, we have the landscapes, it’s just a case of knowing where to go and having the motivation to get off the couch and get out there.  Out in the wild. And speaking of motivation, how about this; a list of the top five adventure trail walks our nation has to offer.  Of course there are …

Introducing the new Black Diamond Headlamps

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by Sean Murphy Like a good wine, Black Diamond Headlamps just get better and better.  Adventure Survival Gear now stocks three models of the new 2016 headlamp range and the differences between old and new are attracting a lot of attention.  Firstly we have the ever durable Spot.  This robust headlamp now boasts a strength of 200 lumens, unlike the former model which offered 90 lumens.  The three bulbs consist of one TriplePower LED, one SinglePower white LED and a SinglePower red LED.  The PowerTap technology allows for easier transitioning between full and dimmed power, a major difference between the …

Want a winter adventure? Preparation is key.

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by Sean Murphy There’s no escaping it, winter is well and truly here.  After our long hot and humid summer, we never thought it was actually going to happen, but it has arrived in full force. Unlike Westeros where winter has been coming for what seems like ages, temperatures in Australia have plummeted just as dramatically.  With more cold snaps on their way it’s important to be prepared before venturing out into the wilderness.  From spending time with family, organising a large group, or spending time with that special someone, there’s nothing better than being one with nature and savouring those …

Wilderness Myths Exposed

Wilderness Myths Exposed

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Survival – Just saying that word out loud conjures up a variety of emotions in different people. For most people who may be habitual viewers survival shows on television, or live in a world remote from any form of survival experience, their reaction will probably be one of indifference. However, for others, it can be met with a fearful reaction such as a cold chill going down their spine, a drying of the mouth, or a sensation of reliving a nightmare be sure to take note of the recommended survival gear for first aid and protection.

The Importance of Having the Right Camping Equipment

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Camping Made Even Better with the Right Camping Equipment For many of us, there is nothing better than getting away from city life for a weekend with nature. Waking up on a Friday morning in a bustling city such as Sydney and knowing that for the next two days you’re going to be free, surrounded by the peace and quiet of the countryside, is an exciting prospect. However, for the less experienced campers, or even for those who believe they have learned everything about the great outdoors, you may not always pack the right camping equipment to take with you.

Wilderness Cheap Survival Gear under $120

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Wilderness Cheap Survival Gear under $120 Essential Outdoor Survival Gears that Suit Your Budget Going on an adventure and getting intimate with Mother Nature is something that most Australians enjoy. The sun, sea and the bushes are all within striking distance of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. All of these are inviting options after a long week at work. But any day out in the open is also an opportunity for things to go a bit pear-shaped. Injuries do and can happen anytime. And without the proper adventure survival kit, your day off can turn into an experience you’d rather quickly …