Bob Cooper – Aussie survivalist

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Australian Survivalist Bob Cooper has had it in him since childhood. The man has not only survived six death-defying experiences – including a helicopter crash and three maydays on the ocean, but also the harshest regions of the earth.

For over 30 years Bob Cooper has honed his survival skills by learning from many traditional cultures. His experiences include living with Aboriginal people in the Western Desert, sharing bushcraft abilities with the Bushmen of the Kalahari in Botswana also with the Lakota Sioux Indians in Dakota and jungle time with the Orang Asli people in Malaysia.


It was his 162 km solo survival walk through the Pilbara in 40C heat proved that Bob’s idea of a mini survival kit would and does work. The Pilbara area of Australia has an array of terrain, mostly desert, but also offers sandplains, gorges and a dramatic coastline. The sparsely populated region boasts a landscape that is billions of years old and can reach a sweltering 45 degrees in the peak of summer to a biting 0 degrees in winter, making it one of the toughest destinations for adventure travel in the country. Not for the faint hearted.

Understandably he is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia. Bob has also featured in several major television documentaries produced for National Geographic America, the BBC, Discover Channel, The World Around Us, 60 Minutes and has featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The outdoors have been a lifelong passion from childhood for Bob. He attended a bushcraft and survival course in 1979 conducted by the YMCA in Perth and after one course they invited him to help and instruct on future courses. Bob also completed a 26-day intensive with the SAS, and worked for the West Australian Museum with traditional Aboriginal cultures.

In 1996 Bob achieved his Outback Safety and Survival Course the prestigious Excellence in Safety Training Award, from the State chapter of the Safety Institute of Australia.

The range of Bob Cooper Outback Survival gear has attracted international attention. The range of products has improved, increased in items and very well received and used by many people, organisations and some government agencies. Adventure Survival Gear currently stocks the Bob Cooper Survival Kit and the Bob Cooper Snake Bite and Venomous Creatures Kit, but watch this space for more Bob Cooper products in the future.

The Bob Cooper Survival Kit being the signature item, that being born from his experience in the Pilbara. This includes a compass, knife, flint, stock cubes, potassium permanganate tablets, mirror, whistle and assorted fishing gear.

Bob’s best advice for wilderness survival success is to always carry “The Trilogy for Survival” that is your personal survival kit, rescue blanket and three elastic bandages… plus water.