The Importance of Having the Right Camping Equipment

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Camping Made Even Better with the Right Camping Equipment

For many of us, there is nothing better than getting away from city life for a weekend with nature. Waking up on a Friday morning in a bustling city such as Sydney and knowing that for the next two days you’re going to be free, surrounded by the peace and quiet of the countryside, is an exciting prospect. However, for the less experienced campers, or even for those who believe they have learned everything about the great outdoors, you may not always pack the right camping equipment to take with you.

Nature is waiting for you

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Whether you are kayaking, climbing, hiking, biking or just generally relaxing and enjoying nature, you are using your hands constantly and there is always something that can scratch, tear, bite or damage your hands in one way or another. Whenever you need some waterproofing and warmth, but at the same time keep the dexterity factor, be protected with some appropriate camping gloves for your adventures.

Trail hiking is in various ways, the great weekend escape. You can enjoy the outdoors life to the full with your whole family and it is a camping experience you can turn into a great adventure for the kids too. As you climb and clamber over rocks and dodge through vegetation, you are in a world of your own making. It gives you the opportunity of sharing some valuable together time with the family and teaching the kids there is more to the countryside than meets the eye. It’s also a lesson in how to look after themselves and the need to have the right camping gear, especially sleeping bags and some good quality gloves for protection against, cuts and grazes.

A Family Adventure from a Tent


Depending on where you decide to pitch the tents, will determine the type of facilities you have available. It doesn’t have to be a tent; there are some good value rural cottages available that have the basic necessities and even some with resident lizards, who become your natural friends. Keep in mind, however, that no matter where you park yourselves, as long as you have the appropriate equipment and other gear, like a pair of durable gloves, you can turn it into a great adventure story.

Most of the camping grounds are located near scenic trails, and you’ll want to start out in the morning, but please, especially if you have young kids, check the distances involved and the degree of difficulty, before you get going.

As with most things in life, like living in Sydney or Brisbane, a camping weekend is what you make of it. A few basics that can help you along are some fresh bread and sandwiches, but, not forgetting the tasty meat and sausages for the evening or breakfast barbecue. If you’re a fisherman and you are camping near a lake or river, then the family can look forward to a fresh fish supper, under the stars. This is a weekend that gives you a different perspective on your life; the sheer pleasure of being under canvas or in a remote cottage is a memorable experience. But, as it’s the 21stCentury, you’re entitled to do it with some style.

A Camping Adventure

 Camping Adventure

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 Australia is a country of campers and adventurers; so all you weekend camping enthusiasts, just think of Crocodile Dundee! This type of outdoor life, and getting a break for the thriving big cities like Sydney and Brisbane, is a crucial part of being Australian and proud of it.  It’s a means of staying connected to your country and becoming an integral part of its nature and true environment, its amazing wildlife and vegetation. Camping, especially with your family under a canvas roof, can reinforce friendship and give you all the opportunity to get to know each other again. It also provides the opportunity for parents to see a different side to their kids and how they are developing.  Also, if you’re looking forward to some campfire cooking, then a good, strong pair of campfire gloves must be considered a necessity.

With the steadily increasing cost of living, people are seeking escape and the chance to re-establish a connection with a more natural and healthier lifestyle. Examples of this are the popular organic foods and a consciousness of the need to protect our atmosphere and environment. In Australia especially, camping is experiencing resurgence, with tourist parks across the country developing facilities that cater particularly to campers and their particular needs.

The Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of Australia, are recognised as being great campers, with the shell middens they created along the coastline showing how they moved along from one site to another. Lifestyles in cities, such as Brisbane and Sydney, seem very remote from those early days, but for anyone who wants a taste of them, they are waiting for you.