Change your routine for a better camping experience.

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Make a Few Slight Changes to your Camping Routine and have a Blast

by Lee Flynn

Camping is the ultimate adventure with nature. With the quiet of the country and the bright constellation of evening stars, stress falls away quickly and the whole world seems different. However, with each new trip comes a sameness to the routine. Try a few new challenges to keep the atmosphere giddy and full of surprises. Besides being fun, you can learn a lot about what nature has to offer. The wild has its own set of rules and changing your normal routine to coincide with nature can be an exciting time.

Build a Killer Camp Kitchen

The picture of a huge roaring fire with a spindle turning a beautiful piece of meat may sound like the perfect way to cook, but how realistic is this? Unless you are a skilled survivalist, expect half of your meal to end up in the coals. You can still have that fire, but bringing a ready-made stove can end your struggles of cooking. Any two-burner contraption, powered by a tank of propane, will do. Put it to the side of your fire and be prepared should a high wind or rainfall occur. If you don’t have a Dutch Oven, get one. Some of the best recipes are discovered by chucking multiple ingredients into a pot and roasting over an open fire.

Build a Dutch Oven Podium

A propane stove is great for small pans and a fire is the bomb for roasting marshmallows, but what about that big pot for creating stews? You have the pot and the wood. By using a large split log, you can build a nice base for your Dutch Oven. There are two different ways to do this. For a standing podium, stand up 3 pieces of the split log to form a triangle. You may have to dig down into the earth to get a good base for each leg. Surround the exterior with rocks. Build your fire inside of the structure and set your Dutch Oven on top of the supported legs. The second way is to use your existing fire and lay two good sized logs parallel across the embers. Set your Dutch Oven across both. You will have a simmering pot of stew in no time.

Natural Meals

Catching a monster fish may be on your agenda for your next meal, but what about the sides? Flowers from plants, berries and even acorns can help to deliver a well-balanced meal. Elderberries, dandelions, wild onions, chickweed, clover and cattails are a few specimens that you and your friends can set out to find. They all offer a unique taste and are packed with nutrients. Remember to include pictures so nothing toxic is picked by mistake. Steer clear from mushrooms unless you have an experienced mushroom hunter in the group. Only a trained eye can select edible mushrooms.

Relaxation at its Finest

Having a beer, a shared bottle of wine or a vape tank make the best camping experiences. Along with the scents of fresh greenery, burning wood and fragrant essential oils of your vape, memories of a stress-free trip will be ingrained in your mind. Once back home, you will find it easy to recall this experience when using your box mod vape.

Camping is not just for the initial change from the mundane life that you lead. It is an experience that needs to be savored and remembered. Each time you decide to explore the wild with friends and family, make it a tradition to add changes to your routine. You will find that your mind will come up with all types of unique ideas to try on each new camping adventure.