Cheap Getaways – Make the most of nature

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by Sean Murphy

Don’t have the money for a ski trip to Whistler? Can’t get enough time off work for that ultimate summer in Europe? Does the thought of going to Bali make you cringe?

If funds are tight but you are desperate to escape the rat race, the answer could very well be at your doorstep. Sometimes the answer to where to go for the ultimate getaway can be easier than you think.
More and more urbanites are escaping to the country for weekend getaways for numerous reasons. For one, it’s cheap, and secondly there’s not that much you need to do to prepare. There are no Visas to worry about, no luggage restrictions, no vaccinations or language barriers. And you know what? It can only take a few days, if that, to prepare for.

We live in a pressure filled society so taking time out is essential for controlling stress levels and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends, and also that special someone in your life. Sometimes, going back to basics is the best way. It’s surprisingly cheap and more importantly, you get to be one with nature. Sleep under the stars, watch animals thrive in their surroundings, eat fresh food, learn to start a camp fire, breathe that fresh air.

Fortunately we live in a country that offers all this in spades. It’s right there, literally, within reach. We are blessed with the best beaches in the world, jaw-dropping rain forests, breath-taking deserts, panoramic vistas….we have it all. It’s just a case of setting time aside, lining up your mates, booking a date, and getting that 4WD fully loaded with the essentials.

There are multiple websites about the best places to camp, state by state, for you to research. Here are a few, covering the states and territories.‎

Once you’ve decided where to go, what do you bring? Here at Adventure Survival Gear you will find everything you need to make that camping trip complete.

For insect repellent, grab some Bushman’s with a high Deet content or low depending on the mosquito threat. If you are in a tent rather than a cabin, it will be worthwhile investing in a mosquito net, especially if you are camping in the summer months . If your trip includes long bushwalks we also have in stock the Swivel’s Mozzie Off! Writbands to help keep those pesky nuisances at bay.

So what’s for dinner after a hard day exploring? The Back Country freeze dried food range offers a wide variety of cuisine from old favourite like Cottage Pie and Beef and Pasta to the more exotic like. Honey Soy Chicken and Nasi Goreng. There’s also instant mashed potato, mixed vegetables and instant rice. With instant porridge or muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, all bases are covered.

Just recently we added the Sea to Summit range of kitchen ware from Delta Bowls, Plates and mugs, as well as (collapsible) X-Bowls, X-Plates, X-Mugs and X-Cups. Easy to store, durable, lightweight and simple to clean.

Love the outdoors but also love updating Facebook and keeping on top of e-mails? The Powertraveller brand of chargers prevent your phone or laptop from running low on power. The Solarmonkey Adventurer is a handy and unique device that converts solar energy.

As with all trips away, especially when in the wilderness, ensure you go prepared for the worst. Adventure Survival Gear also stocks first aid kits and survival kits. There’s also sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh Australian sun.

And there’s much, much more.

So don’t waste another moment, make the most of the next long weekend. Send out the message to your mates to see who’s keen. Go out there and create some memories.