Hanz Waterproof Gloves and Socks have landed!

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Hanz has landed!

The most popular waterproof gloves and socks in the United States have now arrived! From fishing, to kayaking or general hiking, if you anticipate wet conditions, this is the ideal product.

Each sock and glove is high-pressure leak tested before it leaves the factory.
* abrasion-resistant outer layer of nylon and Du Pont Lycra® spandex for durability
* waterproof Moisture Vapor Transpiration (MVT) membrane lets perspiration out while preventing water from coming in
* inner lining of wicking liner for moisture management
* expedition-weight Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece for added warmth

hanz waterproof socks
Sizing Chart for Hanz Waterproof Socks (US sizing):
SMALL: 5-6 (Men’s) 6-7 (Women’s)
MEDIUM: 7-9 (Men’s) 8-10 (Women’s)
LARGE: 10-11 (Men’s) 11+ (Women’s)
EXTRA LARGE: 12-15 (Men’s)

hanz wp gloves
Sizing Chart for Hanz Waterproof Gloves:
(Measured around the fullest part of the palm)
SMALL: 8 inches
MEDIUM: 8.5 inches
LARGE: 9-9.5 inches
EXTRA LARGE: 10-10.5 inches

These socks and gloves are lightweight, easy to pack and maintain.

Welcome to Hanz, you won’t look at another brand again!