Introducing the new Black Diamond Headlamps

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by Sean Murphy

Like a good wine, Black Diamond Headlamps just get better and better.  Adventure Survival Gear now stocks three models of the new 2016 headlamp range and the differences between old and new are attracting a lot of attention. 

Firstly we have the ever durable Spot.  This robust headlamp now boasts a strength of 200 lumens, unlike the former model which offered 90 lumens.  The three bulbs consist of one TriplePower LED, one SinglePower white LED and a SinglePower red LED.  The PowerTap technology allows for easier transitioning between full and dimmed power, a major difference between the two versions. Whereas the older version was splash proof, the S16 version is waterproof, protected against water immersion down to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.  The settings on the S16 version include full strength in proximity and distance, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode. The new colours include Aluminium, Dark Olive, Matte Black, Powel Blue and Torch.

The new version of the Cosmo is another head-turner, literally, offering more versatility than what has come before.  The 160 lumens is more than twice the original power of only 70 lumens taking the Cosmo firmly into a more advanced realm.  It offers 1 TriplePower LED, one SinglePower white LED and a SinglePower red LED.  The settings on this little beauty includes proximity and distance modes, dimming strobe, red light vision and lock mode.   It’s just a question of what colour you like the best, Green, Aluminium, Plum or Matte Black. 

The Gizmo is just as impressive as it’s bigger brothers.  A smaller powerhouse of a headlamp that isn’t just good for camping and hiking, but also ideal for those night joggers and workmen who refuse to clock off when the sun goes down.  From 35 lumens to a staggering 90 lumens, the new versions are sleek and lightweight.  Offering a DoublePower LED, this headlamp is also water resistant and has settings that include full-strength, dimming and strobe.  Powel Blue, Aluminium, Matte Black or Octane?  It’s all up to you.

Considering the rave reviews these headlamps have received by the most trusted survival websites and bloggers, there’s no escaping that these advances have continued to make Black Diamond the headlamps of choice.  The detail and technology speak for themselves.  And keep an eye out on the ASG website as the range grows….