RapidPure Pioneer Purification Straw


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The RapidPure Pioneer Purification Straw filters water and removes viruses.

Brand name water filters reduce bacteria and cysts, but if viruses are suspected, they require additional treating of the filtered water with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide or UV light to make the water safe. RapidPure captures viruses that competitors’ filters can’t so there is no need for chemicals or UV light. RapidPure is all you need.

RapidPure with UltraCeram is a new and improved technology that filters AND purifies water, capturing protozoa, cysts, bacteria and viruses unlike other water filtration products. Traditional products, like hollow fibre or membrane filters, utilize small pores to physically trap contaminants as the water passes through the filter and can’t remove viruses.

Activated Carbon improves taste, reduces bad odours and makes for great tasting water.

Removes 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria and parasites

Purifies a minimum of 95 Litres

Filters a minimum of 757 Litres