S.O.L. Fox 40 Sharx Whistle


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The SHARX features a 4-resonator body that emits an unbelievably powerful 120db dual-frequency signal.

True outdoor whistle, the ABS plastic body is co-molded with rubber inserts for grip & comfort during use


  • Be Heard
    120dB signal is audible for over 1.5km
  • Fail-safe
    Pea-less design works in all conditions – won’t freeze or stick to lips when cold
  • Intense Howl
    4-resonator body with dual frequency tone produces piercing sound with minimal effort
  • Rugged and Waterproof
    Made from unbreakable ABS plastic with co-molded rubber for grip

WEIGHT:  16g
SIZE:  6.03cm x 2.5cm