Sea to Summit Delta Mug Blue


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The Sea to Summit Delta Mug has been designed by Sea to Summit to be the ultimate expedition and/or outdoor mug. Our patented Protex™ hex pattern base dissipates heat and reduces the weight to only 62g. The ergonomic rim is heat resistant and comfortable to hold even with hot liquids, meaning a hard to pack handle is not necessary. The food grade, BPA free, Nylon 66 material has an incredible strength to weight ratio, it is resistant to odours and stains and it will not crack in the extreme cold. The large 473mL volume Delta Mug features a stable, low profile hard to topple design with a wide diameter base.

* Heat dissipating hex pattern base
* Dishwasher safe
* Food grade Nylon 66

Weight 62 grams
Capacity 473 ml
Diameter 9 cm
Depth 11 cm