Sea to Summit Nano Mosquito Net Permethrin Treated Double


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The Sea to Summit Nano Mosquito Net Double is a Permethrin treated item. This feature keeps mosquitoes away by sending a warning daze when they make contact with the net. If the insects persist, then they are killed after constant contact. The larger size accommodates two people, a couple or a parent and two young children. The nylon cord is centred so enough headroom is provided to both individuals. Despite its light weight and mesh fabric, it is a durable item and can last years with proper care. After use, it can be placed in a stuff sack for storage until the next night. Prevent itchy bites and diseases with the Sea Summit Nano Mosquito Net Double with Permethrin treatment.

* Large size: accommodates couples or two people
* Improved visibility: mesh material made thinner so visibility is better at evening or night
* Central cord: ensures enough headroom for two people
* Stuff sack: provides storage for the net when not in use