SOL Urban Survivor


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Plan to survive the expected or unexpected disaster with the Urban Survivor!

The Urban Survivor is specifically designed for
1 person to survive the unexpected disaster for at least 72 hours. The easy to grab and go backpack contains a range of items such as: Survival Tools, First Aid, Hygiene, Nutrition and Literature … with room to personalize your kit.

Be Seen and Heard
Broadcast your location up to 16km away with the Mini Rescue Flash™ Signal Mirror … and up to 1.6km away with the 100dB Slim Rescue Howler™

Fix Yourself
Mini roll of duct tape to repair gear or yourself

Start Campfires & Camp Stoves
Fire Lite™ striker is waterproof and tested to prodcuce over 5000 sparks … Tinder Quik™ burns up to two minutes (even when wet)

Stay Warm
Survive Outdoors Longer® Survival Blanket reflects 90% of radiated body heat

Knowledge is Survival
Survival instruction with the most up to date tips and survival techniques from the team at Survive Outdoors Longer®


Carry Case
1 x Survive Outdoors Longer™ Backpack
Survival Tools
1 x Emergency Rain Poncho
1 x Headlamp, 2 watt LED w/ headband
1 x Tinder-Quik™ Firestarter (4 pack)
1 x Fire Lite™ Fire Starter
1 x Survive Outdoors Longer™ Emergency Blanket
1 x Slim Rescue Howler™ Whistle
1 x Duct Tape, 2″ x 26″
1 x Pair of Work Gloves
1 x AMK Ultralight Watertight .3 Medical Kit
1 x Surgical Mask

1 x Adventure® Bath Wipes
1 x Toothbrush
1 x Toothpaste, Tube

4 x 400 Calorie Energy Food Bar
10 x 130ml Water (US Coast Guard Approved)

1 x Wilderness & Travel Medicine:
A comprehensive Guide – by Eric A Weiss, M.D.
1 x Guide to Natural Disasters

Group Size: 1 Person
Trip Duration: 1 – 3 Days Size: 30.48 x 15.24 x 35.56 cm
Weight: 3.45kg