UST Survival Towel 2 Pack


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Packaged in super compact and lightweight discs, UST’s two-pack of Survival Towels expand into full-size, absorbent towels when exposed to water. Ideal for ultralight backpacking, international travel, and emergency preparedness, these reusable towels can be used wet or dry. Squeeze out excess water before use, then rinse and hang to dry after use.

• Ultra-compact towels packaged as discs, expand to full size when exposed to water; great for when you need
to travel light
• Reusable towels can be used wet or dry; made from synthetic non-woven rayon
• Towels measure 22 x 13 inches (558 x 330 mm) when expanded; measure 1.75 x 0.4 inches when packaged
(44 x 10 mm)
• Reusable


1– To expand towel for use, place in water.
2 – Squeeze out excess water before use.
3 – After use, rinse and hang to dry.