UThermic Coldscreen Cold Weather Protection 150ml

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Specifically formulated with dry cold air in mind, our years of research backed by our strong environmental values eventuated in using well known safe and healthy ingredients of the highest quality possible.

98% Organic & Natural raw ingredients with the remaining 2% making sure it stays at the same quality over the 2 of use that it lasts for.

Silver ear mushroom, Jojoba seed oil, Antarctic Kelp extract, Tasmania Lanceolata Fruit extract, Aloe, Chamomile, Licorice Root, Xanthum Gum, Soybean Extract.

* Coldscreen helps in those times when you slow down or are standing still by maintaining your body’s own natural warmth.

* With 4 Hours of application time to play with, you can take back control and stay out until you decide it’s home time

* Incorporate Coldscreen into your daily routine as an essential increases comfort levels wherever you go.

* Use the proven research that warmth aids concentration, to improve performance and keep laser focus on the task at hand

* Take advantage of the fact that preparation is always better than an after solution by having the ability to take it anywhere you go.

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