Why Having the Right Gloves for an Outdoor Activity is Important

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We all know just how important it is to have the right gear for a particular outdoor activity. Being prepared is essential when taking on the wilderness, and all of the risks that it holds. But while so much attention is placed on clothing like boots, jackets, and hats, your choice of gloves is just as important. Proper waterproof adventure gloves from a trusted brand are the only way to go.

Experienced adventure sports enthusiasts will recommend you never bring just one pair because gloves are going to get wet and will suffer damage. Choosing the right apparel is one way of extending your outdoor survival gear life expectancy, but choosing the best gloves, is the best way to ensure that you get the necessary warmth, dryness and dexterity that meet the demands your activity places on them.

Why are gloves so important?

Wearing gloves is about protection, whether it’s for physical or environmental reasons. Research shows that the body’s reaction to cold is to restrict the blood flow to the extremities of the body – like fingers and toes – leaving our digits susceptible to frostbite. Meanwhile, our hands can get some battering when rock climbing or mountaineering, with fingers and palms cut by sharp rocky edges.

There are 3 key uses for gloves:

  • To Protect In Poor Weather Conditions – You know how the most everyday outdoor activity can become dangerous when the weather is bad. Heavy rain can make the ground underfoot slippery, while strong winds can interfere with eyesight and hearing. It’s the same with hands. Both wet and very cold conditions can cause problems with grip, creating sensitivity in the fingers that makes it difficult to clench the fist tightly enough to hold a rope or some other item securely. Conditions like frostbite are genuine threats. In fact, the United States’ National Athletics Trainers Association pointed to reported rates of hypothermia and frostbite in mountaineers (3% to 5%) and Nordic skiers (20%) as an example. With the right waterproof adventure gloves, these issues cannot rear their heads.
  • To Protect Against Physical Injuries – Generally, the injuries gloves protect you against are minor soft tissue injuries, like cuts and grazes, but more serious types can include finger-tip macerations. All of these can become a haven for infection if not attended to quickly and properly. The problem is that during an outdoor activity like climbing, mountaineering or some other extreme sport, the chance to medically tend to these injuries is  practically non-existent. The right choice of gloves can help prevent cuts and abrasions in the first place, removing the need to worry about them. Rock climbers and boulders should use fingerless gloves so as not to interfere with sensitivity crucial for choosing a firm grip, but the palms can be protected still.
  • To Provide Insulation at Night – Staying warm at night is just as important as at any other time, and also a consideration in choosing the right waterproof adventure gloves. Whether you are hiking through the wilderness or climbing up the highest peaks of a mountain range, nights can become very cold. The right outdoor survival gear will help keep you warm and guard against the chance of succumbing to hypothermia or the impact of cold weather exposure. But since body heat can be lost through the hands, keeping them insulated is an important part of preventing a cold-related injury.

Horses for Courses

As any outdoor enthusiast will know, a pair of gloves is not going to suit every situation. It’s important to consider the activity itself as much as the expected weather conditions because of the need to meet the practical demands of the activity. Here are some hints to the most suitable glove types for specific outdoor activities.

  • Hiking – Generally, most hiking routes have little need for gloves. After all, it’s all about walking. But when you hike in poor weather conditions and expect to have to tackle some steep inclines and negotiate some wooded or rocky terrain, keeping your hands warm and protected is a good idea. It’s best to use layered glove protection, with a thin but warm first layer underneath a tougher outer layer. Dexterity is important to help get a grip on surfaces, so mittens are not a good idea.
  • Alpine Climbing – This is one of the most challenging outdoor adventures, having the right outdoor survival gear is essential when taking to high altitudes with snow and ice all around. A warm glove is important, but a water-resistant pair is crucial, with the threat of frostbite extremely high. There also has to be some dexterity too, with the need to get a firm grip on ski poles, ice axes, and safety ropes that may be erected to guide your expedition members safely along. But you’ll need heavy gloves to ensure the necessary insulation and durability.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding – Obviously, of course, skiing and snowboarding is more about the warmth that dexterity. This is where mittens win out, allowing the fingers to stay together to build warmth and thick insulation ensuring that none of that warmth escapes, while it’s also important they are waterproof. Adventure gloves can work fine here too, but your grip on a ski-pole changes little, and you have no need for hand grip on a snowboard, so opt for waterproof and properly insulated mittens when taking to the slopes.
  • Water-Related Activities – We’re not talking about swimming and surfing here, but outdoor pursuits like white water rafting and kayaking, and slalom runs. Basically, we’re talking about any water-related activities that require you securing a firm grip while also dealing with wet conditions. The best option is tightly layered waterproof adventure gloves with a surface layer that repels water droplets and an inner layer that allows perspiration to escape and be sealed within. Dexterity is also important, so gripper dots on the fingers and palms of the glove are vital as it can enhance gripping power since you don’t want to drop that paddle at the crucial moment.

Adventure Gloves from ASG

At Adventure Survival Gear, we make a point of providing the best possible outdoor survival gear so that you can enjoy your favourite outdoor pursuits in confidence, as well as comfort. When it comes to gloves, we provide the highest quality and best-made waterproof adventure gloves from one of the best brands in adventure gear.

We include Hanz Waterproof Chillblocker Gloves and Hanz Waterproof Gloves in our selection, which are perfect for keeping hands dry. The Hanz range of gloves boasts of an abrasion-resistant outer layer of nylon, waterproof Moisture Vapor Transpiration (MVT) membrane to let perspiration out but keep water at bay, and an inner wicking liner for efficient moisture management. They also have gripper dots on the palms and fingers to add control and gripping power.

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