Top 5 camping destinations in Europe

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By Colton Davis

There is no better feeling than being at one with nature while on holiday. Camping is always an adventure, where families and couples can make amazing memories together as they sleep under the stars. If you’d like to take a camping trip this year, why not check out these amazing camping destinations in Europe before you decide where to go?

Viewpoint near Cassis, Calanques National Park, Provence, France, Europe

1. Provence, France

Located in Southern France, this camping destination is swathed in the sunshine. With many tents and caravan campsites to choose from in the area, there is an accommodation option to suit everyone’s needs. Ben Groundwater at 1Cover suggests learning a few words of French before you go to make your stay even more enjoyable. One of the more fast-paced camping options available, campers can enjoy taking part in adrenaline-pumping water sports which all take place in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. Those who enjoy keeping active can hike through the beautiful Boscodon forest and immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature

2. Kälsviken, Sweden

Swedish laws surrounding the right of public access mean you can camp just about anywhere in this peaceful country. Take this camping trip as a chance to get away from it all; switch off your mobile phone and take in the natural landscape. The high coast trail is the ideal place to set up camp if you want to experience everything Sweden has to offer; from lush greenery to scenic coastal views, this route had it all.

The Aiguestortes National Park, Pyrenees mountains, Catalonia, Spain.

3. Catalonia, Spain

For something a little bit different, a camping trip to Spain is not to be missed. This destination is ideal for families or couples hoping to relax and let their troubles melt away. With sky high-temperatures and consistently blue skies, the Spanish views will look perfect on your Instagram feed. Bring along your binoculars and try your hand at birdwatching, or hike your way to the Salt de Sallent waterfalls. With so many lake-side campsites to choose from, campers can fish for their supper or float down the waters in a kayak.

4. Calgary Beach, Scotland

Truly an isolated camping experience, this location brings you back to basics. No caravans are allowed in the area and there are very few facilities nearby, making it the ideal location to escape from any distractions. The domineering cliffs and wild landscape are what make this camping location so special.

5. Forationinnish Archipelago, Finland

With more than 20,000 uninhabited islands to choose from on this stretch of land, the opportunities for exploration are endless. The tranquil settings and abundance of wildlife attract campers from all around the globe, all hoping for a truly unique camping experience. Take a survivals skills training course and live like your primal ancestors used to. Alternately, visit the Bengtskär Lighthouse, an iconic monument and the tallest lighthouse in all the Nordic countries.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your European camping escape, today.